People of my generation would never have seen Tokyo Story, a film I love by Yasujiro Ozu, had it not been for its rediscovery by the people of France. I, like many other Japanese people, have long revered French culture. Especially when it comes to agricultural products and cuisine, we are grateful every day for the chance to enrich the lives of people in Japan with excellent wines, foie gras, corbeille, and other products of faraway France.

As Japanese people, we are also proud that Japanese ukiyo-e, pictures of the floating world, have inspired artists in France and other countries, serving as a trigger to open the door to a new era. We think Japanese cuisine is healthy for its use of very little oil to create a widely varied course and is brimming with originality that is rooted in history.

We endeavored to bring original Japanese elements as much as possible, including the architecture and furnishings, with the help of our many supporters in France. Chef Okuda is our business partner and a top chef in Japan at Koju (Michelin 3 stars) and Ginza Okuda (Michelin 2 stars). Chef Tateoke trained at Koju and Ginza Okuda, has been successfully working at Okuda Paris since 2015. At Okuda, we offer a great number of new dishes based on the traditions honed by these two chefs.

A quick visit to Japan may not always be possible. Instead, come to Okuda to enjoy a trip to Japan while still in Paris. We welcome you heartily to enjoy the latest Japanese cuisine offered by our two chefs while surrounded by Japanese architecture and artwork. I hope it will instill a desire to make the trip over to Japan someday.

Shinichi Daitoku, Owner of Okuda