• 銀座小十 Ginza Koju
  • 銀座奥田 Ginza Okuda


Chef des cusines Toru OKUDA

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your continued patronage of “Ginza Kojyu” and “Ginza Okuda”. The long-awaited “Ginza Okuda” in Paris opened on September 26th, near Avenue Montaigne in the 8th arrondissement. This achievement was made possible by your support and patronage, for which we are extremely grateful. In our Paris restaurant, we have made great efforts to represent not only authentic Japanese cuisine, but also the fine traditions, culture and hospitality of Japan.
Also, it was possible for over a dozen Japanese carpenters and plasterers to come all the way to France to create a space in the style of a tea-ceremony house for our Paris restaurant thanks to our collaborators Sugiyama Design Office for the design and R-DECOR for the construction. If you come to Paris, we hope to have the honor of receiving you in our restaurant.

奥田 透 Toru OKUDA


  • 1969 Born in Shizuoka, Japan.
  • 1999 Opens kaiseki restaurant “Shunkashuto Hanamikoji” inShizuoka
  • 2003 Opens kaiseki restaurant “Ginza Kojyu” in Tokyo.
  • 2007 Ginza Kojyu awarded 3 stars in the first Japanese edition of the Michelin Guide - rating confirmed every year since.
  • 2010 Opens sushi restaurant “Sushi Kakuto” in Tokyo.
  • 2011 Opens kaiseki restaurant “Ginza Okuda” in Tokyo
  • 2011 "Ginza Okuda" awarded 2 stars by the Michelin Guide - rating confirmed every year since.
  • 2013 Opens kaiseki restaurant “OKUDA” in Paris.
  • 2014 Opens Le SUSHI OKUDA in Paris, France.
  • 2017 Opens OKUDA -New York- in New York, USA.


  • "Yaku" 焼く: 日本料理 素材別炭火焼きの技法 by Shibatashoten 3,200 yen.
  • "Hontou ni Oishiku Tsukureru Washiyoku" by Sekai Bunka Publishing 1,500yen.
  • "Sekai de ichiban chiisana mitsuboshi resutoran" by Poplar 1,300yen.
  • *Tax not included

Chef Executif Hikaru TATEOKE

My team and I develop authentic Japanese cuisine with the philosophy of Grand chef, Toru Okuda.
We would like to welcome you to discover the wonders of authentic Japanesecuisine with its unique presentation and flavors.